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Fundamental Physics Scholars are chosen based on their talent and their potential to make an impact on the scientific community. Starting in 2013, one exceptional Scholar will be chosen each year. In recognition of their achievement, this page will contain a record of the select group of all future Fundamental Physics Scholars.
CMS Fundamental Physics Scholars
YearNameAffiliation at the timeProposed Project
2015Siew Yan HOHUniversity of MalayaDark matter searches in direct b production in association with dark matter in proton-proton collisions at 13 TeV
2014Cécile Sarah CAILLOLUniversité Libre de BruxellesSearch for an extended Higgs sector using taus in the final state
2014Clint RICHARDSONBoston UniversityOperation and Optimization of the CMS HLT and A Search for New Exotic Top Partners
2013Joosep PATAEstonian National Institute of Chemical Physics and BiophysicsPrecision measurements of the single top quark polarization and top-Higgs Yukawa coupling in CMS

Due to the large number of excellent applicants, a small number of special recognition awards will also be granted each year. These awards recognize strong candidates and include a 500 Swiss franc award.
CMS FPS Special Recognition Awards
YearNameAffiliation at the timeProposed Project
2015Esmaeel ESKANDARIIranian Institute for Research in Fundamental SciencesSearch for Resonant and Non-Resonant Higgs Pair Production in bbVV∗ Decay Channel through Semi-Letonic Final States
2015Juska PEKKANENUniversity of HelsinkiPrecision JEC for High Energy Jets and Search for New Physics in the Dijet Mass Spectrum
2015Ram Krishna SHARMAUniversity of DelhiMeasurement of cross section of polarized WW scattering with Run-II data, and research and development of GEM detectors
2014Afiq Aizuddin ANUARUniversity of Malaya13 TeV Semileptonic Top Pair Cross Section Measurement and Single Lepton Triggers Commissioning on LHC Run 2
2013Raffaele Angelo GEROSAUniversità di Milano-BicoccaSearch for heavy scalars, spin-2 resonances and study of the vector boson scattering in the WW semi-leptonic final state, adopting jet substructure techiniques. Developing of a dedicated data electron stream for ECAL monitoring and calibration purposes.
2013Reza GOLDOUZIANIranian Institute for Research in Fundamental SciencesSearch for FCNC process in single top production in association with a Higgs boson.
2013Joshua Robert HARDENBROOKPrinceton UniversityAn Inclusive, Discovery Motivated Search for Long-Lived Beyond the Standard Model Physics at sqrt(s)=13 TeV.
2013Alberto HERNANDEZ ALAMADACINVESTAV-IPNStudy of Bs0toJ/psif0 decays and improvement of the muon seeding software.
2013Matti Johannes KORTELAINENHelsinki Institute of PhysicsEfficient reconstruction software for Phase 1 and 2 upgrades and future parallel computing platforms.
2013Kevin J. PEDROUniversity of MarylandScintillators, Simulations, and Physics Studies for Hadronic Calorimeter Upgrades.